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Al Romero – Large


Product description

Cheeses made exclusively from fresh pasteurized sheep’s milk, from livestock own dairy sheep. Cheese firm pressed paste, obtained by coagulation predominantly enzymatic maturation lactic acid bacterial flora. They are characterized by a more intense flavor. The small format of 700 grams requires a minimum of four months maturation, this cheese after being drafted and after a brief period of oreo and encortezado coated sheet is selected from rosemary, when ripe acquires the flavor and aroma of the plant aromatic. Presents a cut paste is pale golden color with medium sized eyes and the smell of slightly evolved milk. The large format is subjected to a higher cure, of at least 6 months. In both types of cheese is salted low average intensity. Bark: in this cheese flavored surface is usually greater mildew bark. For its peculiar matured cheese acquires a pleasant scent of rosemary and savory.


Additional Information

Weight 2.7 kg

10 months