Tucked away in the uplands of the Sierra de Albarracín is the cradle of the ancestral traditions followed by generations of shepherds and craftsmen, the producers of one of the most ancient of foodstuffs: cheese.

The company philosophy of Queso Artesano de Teruel S.L. has since the outset been focused on the objective of nurturing the culinary tradition of our district.

Hence the decision to create quality products which demand painstaking effort throughout the entire production process. The result is a range of cheeses which stand out for the use of the finest selected ingredients, along with the dedication lavished on caring for and maturing our cheeses.

Livestock formerly represented the basis of many household economies, providing families with wool, meat, milk and cheese. Cheese served as a way of storing surplus milk. As a result, sheep’s and goat’s cheese has been produced in the area of Los Montes Universales since time immemorial.

According to a Spanish proverb, “livestock fattens under the gaze of its master”, which explains why the care we give to our own animals lays the foundation for our agri-food venture, to which we dedicate considerable but vital effort.


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The company Piensos Sol is engaged in the business of producing balanced compound animal feed and vitamin supplements. We specialise in feed for sheep.

Our chief objective is to achieve the highest levels of quality, drawing on more than 50 years’ experience in the sector. We use the latest technology both to store and to prepare our produce.

We have our own fleet of 20 trucks to distribute our output nationwide, both in sacks and in bulk. Visit the website photo gallery to find out more about our history.

Queso Artesano de Sierra de Albarracín uses only fresh sheep’s milk obtained exclusively from the livestock owned by the dairy itself, following the strictest standards in terms of nutrition and hygiene, the entire process perfectly balancing traditional craft methods with the very latest technological developments.

Our cheeses are produced exclusively from the milk provided by our own herd of dairy ewes.

We use both pasteurised and (our speciality) unpasteurised milk: quality traditional produce demanding painstaking efforts throughout the whole production process.